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My Bad Dad
About the Filmmakers

MACK POLHEMUS (writer/director/producer)

Mack’s first feature film The Scottish Tale garnered over 20 top festival prizes and played in over 50 festivals worldwide. It rented more units at Hollywood Video than any in it’s “First Time Director’s” category even though it was rated PG, non-violent, sweet, a romantic comedy and had no big names.

Mack’s success led him to make My Bad Dad, a family comedy. Although it is not hip and edgy, Mack again chose this genre and made a film close to his heart, about something he knows a lot about: kids and fatherhood. (He had three kids since the making of “The Scottish Tale.”) Making the film with the whole family made filmmaking process even more satisfying for Mack.

Mack grew up in Palo Alto, is a graduate of Stanford University (Creative Writing) and USC (Graduate Screenwriting Program). Disney optioned his graduate thesis screenplay “Exchange Student.” Mack has worked as script coordinator for Jerry Bruckheimer and has written episodes for “Baywatch,” “Acapulco Heat,” “Renegade,” “Sirens,” and “Brisco County Jr.” He and his brother Joe’s cartoon strip “The Wize Brothers” about low-budget filmmakers appeared monthly in Los Angeles’ “Buzz” magazine. Mack’s experience in film production also includes writing and directing shorts while at USC and script supervisor and art department work for Roger Corman. An avid writer, Mack has feature screenplays “Mexico” (action), “True Blue” (romantic comedy), “Columbine Stories” (drama), and “Film of Faith” (inspirational) circulating and/or pending deals.

ANN (BOEHLKE) POLHEMUS (producer/actor/singer)

A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Molecular Biology, Ann used her technical degree to navigate the production of her first feature film, the award-winning The Scottish Tale.

While promoting the film, Ann made the cover of the LA Times as she paraded down the red carpet (in a 412 ft. long wedding train) at the Cannes Film Festival. Obviously fearless to new challenges, Ann took on another unfathomable task: producing her second feature starring her three children (ages 1, 3, and 5), herself, her brother-in-law, and many relatives. Thus “My Bad Dad” was born and she lives to tell of it.

Ann has worked in all areas of production/management for over 20 years including Post (Russian Hill Recording), Music (Bogas Productions), Associate Producer (All American Television under Syd Vinnedge of ”Baywatch”), Co-Producer (Numerous Independent Features and Stage Plays), Property (Statewide Enterprises), PA (David Byrne, Adam Abraham, Roger Corman, David Lancaster, Lee Mendelson, Errol Morris, Mark Lipson , Mark Isham, Frank Kosa and others), Concert PR (Leeds University, UK).

An accomplished actor and singer, Ann has always enjoyed combining producing and performing (a feat which can be trying at times!). She stars in My Bad Dad and The Scottish Tale as well as sings the films’ end credits songs. (See cast credits for acting bio.) Ann is co-producer of three wonderful children (her most challenging project to date) and child wrangler to three young actors, Emma, Mary and Josiah Polhemus. Ann has her own 1940’s acapella trio The Girl Group was drafted to the Women’s professional baseball league, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest wedding train (412 ft.), has been a surgical scrub nurse in Sierra Leone, W. Africa, and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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